Day: June 21, 2015

Roses Are Red and Other Colors Too

Summer brings many blooms and blossoms and Portland’s Rose Garden is exception.  First recommendation is to go shooting either early in the day or late afternoon. Second, take a reflector to provide shade cover to reduce the summer’s harsh sunlight.

wlr DSC_3499

I like to expose for the highlights. This helps saturate the colors and reduce the background clutter. Sometimes including a bit of the surrounding leaves can help by adding an accent to the subject flower.

wlr DSC_3520

Don’t be afraid to experiment with black & white processing too. The B&W tones can add a fresh look to an old friend.

wlr DSC_3651

Try compositions that include foreground & background colors.  In this shot I captured the sun spotlight on the center of the rose and some very interesting colors for the foreground & background.

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