When the Plan becomes De-Planned

My photo excursions are almost always planned and I have a goal of what I want to shoot. This week I had some ‘Planned’ outings with definite goals but they just didn’t happen as expected. When your plans get changed, find the alternate shot.

We went to the Tigard Balloon Festival on Sunday, arrived early and waited for the “Show”. Alas weather interfered and no flights. But no worries, a couple of inflates, some great light and an early morning walk around the carnival brought a plethora of other compositions.

wlr DSC_5950  wlr CC1_9003

I love car shows and recently visited a local favorite. I didn’t find a lot of the older hotrods so I turned my focus to the rich colors and lines of some newer models.

wlr CC2_4573   wlr CC2_4813

And the most challenging for this week was the Lincoln City Kite Festival. A quick afternoon trip to the beach with a billion others and there was no wind to be found. You would of thought with all that breathing there would have been a little wind. Anyway, it left us wanting… We grabbed a couple shots off the beach and ran up the coast and checked out the local driftwood, a low tide and some grass at a pier.

wlr CC1_8867                             wlr CC1_8839

These were great options to the “Plan”